Los Angeles

Roger Darricarrere

Palos Verdes Community Arts Association

Although a wide variety of media are shown, Darricarrere’s primary one is obviously stained glass. Three large windows plus one mammoth colored drawing to be made into a stained glass window-wall dominate the exhibit. Although religious in theme and content, the formal design of these works takes precedence over the symbols. Color is brilliant, and the linear divisions produce swirling masses. There are also occasional textural variations. The resultant compositions make a striking architectural complement.

Also included in the show are two oil paintings, one metal sculpture and assorted drawings and photographs of other architecturally designed items. The oils directly derive from the stained glass form, since they use black linear divisions as an organizational implement. However, the shapes are more static and rigid, and color is more pale and subdued. Closely allied in style and color is a stained glass-in-cement composition which fits in its own lighted box. Looking very lonely is the one abstract metal sculpture, whose otherwise clean form is broken by a monotonous bumpy all-over texture.

––Charleen Steen