• San Francisco

    various venues

    The Charles Slatkin Gallery in New York City apparently organized the exhibit of “Contemporary French Tapestries” at the California Palace of The Legion of Honor, and, one presumes, bought the original designs from the artists (Léger, Calder, Miró, Ernst, Arp, Picasso, Derain, Klee, etc.) or just copied the designs from artists’ works that are in the public domain. None of the works is approved, with the exception of a Léger which was done with either his supervisory approval or commissioned and approved. The other works, as the information sheet on the museum wall states, may be altered in both

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  • East Bay

    In one of its best shows in many years, the Mills College Art Gallery, directed by Dr. Carl I. Belz, presented a fall exhibition of the recent works of Rafael Canogar, brought here from Spain as the guest instructor in painting by Antonio Prieta, head of Mills College Art Department.

    While Spain’s younger abstract painters have, in the past decade, drawn the attention of the entire world, few of them have visited this country in any official capacity. Canogar, 31, is one of the first. Formerly deeply involved with Abstract Expressionism, as were most of his generation of artists, he, more than

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