Los Angeles

Sister Mary Corita, I.H.M.

Roberts Gallery, Encino

One of the Southland’s dynamic forces, Sister Mary Corita presents updated versions of her seri-graphed texts. She (along with the direction of her school’s art department) has moved from a lyric or primitive naivete to au courant modes of Pop and the geometric. Despite the architectonic nature of the arrangements, slabs of bright color, the occasional use of fluorescent pigment and changes in scale, her prints demand to be read. The words of such illustrious leaders as Stevenson, Nehru, U Thant, Camus, and John XXIII are pitted against massive typographic elements, the zesty punch lines from advertisements. The Philosophers come off second best.

However, what is conveyed is a dedication to duty and art, a sense of robust humor, an unselfconsciousness, and a heart warming aliveness of spirit. Because of these qualities her eclecticism and lack of formal invention will be continually overlooked or sidestepped.

Fidel A. Danieli