Los Angeles

“Art of Argentina”

Simon Patrich Galleries

Noteworthy among a large group of Argentina artists is the works of Juan Manuel Sanchez and Juana Elena Diz, which stand out in this show not because of their uniqueness but because of their strength. Reminiscent of the Mexican mural painters, Sanchez and Diz use the large bold shapes native to Mexican and Spanish folk art.

Like almost all of the artists in the show, Sanchez and Diz are figurative painters, with social overtones. Sanchez portrays workers with industrial, stylized buildings in the background, and Diz portrays the common daily rituals of living. Sanchez employs strong, bold, black outlines and an earthen palette. Diz, however, uses strong shapes to form figures, but with a more sensitive touch. Overtones of Cubism make their obligatory appearance, but with little serious understanding of Cubist structure.

Susan R. Snyder