Los Angeles

Esther Rolick

David Stuart Galleries

These strikingly colorful floral and animal Primitives are painted with a joi de vivre that is as contagious as it is disarming. Miss Rolick’s natural gift for design as well as her skill as a colorist is dramatically displayed in her Parade Of The Humble Animals in Bogota, Colombia, one of the best paintings. All of her canvases are extremely busy, but in spite of their whimsical elaborations of design, they show a sense of order and are well contained. The three exuberant florals entitled Creation offer a tossed salad of every kind of garden variety imaginable, and these fairly burst upon the viewer in their voluptuous profusion. To her primary concern with the decorative in art, Esther Rolick adds an element of unreserved femininity and the result, if somewhat erratic, is at least refreshing.

Estelle Kurzen