Los Angeles

Group Show

K.P.F.K. Gallery

This show includes the work of several local artists, paintings and graphics from Mexico, and a group of oils from Russia.

Of the Russians, none of whom have anything very original to offer, the large and colorful Rostov Yaroslayski, a cityscape by Vikulov, shows somewhat more vitality, as does the work of young Pavel Pankov, whose Model In The Studio is painted with a sketchy and flashy kind of boldness that exhibits him as an able illustrator. The Russians appear most influenced by the French Impressionists, but, for the most part, they show a too sentimental preoccupation with superficial dramatic effect.

In the Mexican group, Fanny Rabel, a moody and dreamy stylist, shows several colored ink sketches, and Marta Palau exhibits her ambitious oils along with her prints. Maria Therese Toral’s style is especially suited for book illustration, and her prints show a refinement of feeling even though they lack the necessary fire to carry them further into the realm of art. Arnaldo Coen shows a large group of his colored ink drawings, all of which have a somewhat macabre mood.

Of the local artists, Von Schoeler exhibits several large groupings of birds, fishes, and cats, and these are painted in a style that can best be described as having a ceramic tile effect. A. Dun shows three abstract paper-and-cloth collages of which Vietnam is the most memorable, being an expression of his personal protest and commitment. Alec Cowan’s color lithographs, also abundantly displayed, cover a variety of subjects including landscapes, figures, floral pieces, and birds.

Estelle Kurzen