Los Angeles

“French Impressionists, German Expressionists, and Contemporary Artists”

Stephan Silagy Gallery

Among the more familiar artists represented are prints by Kandinsky and Miro, an arresting portrait drawing of Chauvian Heran by Modigliani, a Matisse ink drawing, potboilers by Vlaminck and Utrillo, and a small and delicate painting by Marie Laurencin. From the School of Paris there are picturesque landscapes by Yves Brayer, Forrissier, and George Rohner, as well as a floral still life by Bernard Lignon. Of the other Europeans represented, there is a small watercolor of three seated figures done with child-like candor by the German Expressionist, Kirchner, and a large canvas Woman Holding Flowers by the contemporary Swiss artist, Alice Bailey. From Italy there is a landscape by Dominico Cantalore and also the work of Brandini, a Surrealist. Marcel Delmotte, the Belgian artist, shows a large floral still life which doesn’t quite come off in spite of the pretty flowers.

Estelle Kurzen