Los Angeles

Fritz Faiss

Canoga Mission Art Center, Canoga Park

Mr. Faiss has revived the use of Punic Wax, a technique in which beeswax is heated in sea water and soda until it becomes very hard. Then wax is melted and powdered color, resin and oil are mixed into it. The canvas and palette must both be kept heated while working and then a final “burning in” process is employed. Encaustic is not only an indestructible material, but a great variety of textural possibilities can be produced. His religious paintings produced between the years 1940 and 1945 under the constant fear of Nazi terrorism, show a simple and moving sensitiveness. His more recent works show a freedom of movement, a happiness and childlike quality that is charming and appealing with their bright, startling colors that fill the entire canvas. Nightsky Images 1912 and 1898 Where Do We Come From . . . have something in them that speaks of Miró, Klee and Kandinsky, yet is very definitely Faiss’ own.

D. G. Carr