Los Angeles

Ray Brown

Ceeje Gallery

Etchings, oils, drawings and bronze reliefs comprise this showing of recent work by Ray Brown, currently teaching at U.C.L.A. His work is executed with boldness and skill, and in his attempt to capture the irrational and absurd, he comes close to success, falling just short of it because of an excessive reliance on gimmicks and melodrama, to the point where the picture itself and the message it contains are strained apart. Brown divides his canvas into two or more sections, each containing a separate set of images, all joined to each other by his central idea or theme. Color is not one of his strong points, and his black and white etching, Landscape With Two Sisters, which is lavishly executed, comes through with greater unity. The bronze Woman With Dog, a dramatic and startling piece in its stark simplicity and suggestiveness speaks eloquently of Brown’s versatility.

Estelle Kurzen