Los Angeles

Joel Schiller

Paideia Gallery

At the Paideia Gallery, Joel Schiller shows relief painting and sculpture, the latter being Dada-­inspired glorified and gilded junk art which has been given a Surrealistically eery glow through his use of gold, silver, and other shades of metallic acrylic paint. This is liberally sprayed on over his carefully and realistically constructed and arranged cans of refuse containing the usual sundries, bottles, paper bags, cartons, an old broom and a discarded umbrella.

The reliefs are of acrylic resin, and in some cases the colors are mixed in during the plastic stage rather than painted on afterwards. His forms are reminiscent of Klee where the draw­ing is more symbolic than factual. Solar and planetary images abound, the depth and intensity of color vary­ing with each piece, sometimes foreboding, as in Earth Storm, and other times buoyant and lyrical as in Solar Boats. All of the reliefs are evocative of ancient wall painting, though in his best pieces Schiller combines both stylistically primitive and sophisticated aspects of art.

Estelle Kurzen