Los Angeles

The International Watercolor Exhibition

Dalzell Hatfield Galleries

The International Watercolor Exhibition at Dalzell Hatfield Galleries includes artists from Mexico, Germany, Russia, France, England, and the United States. Segonzac’s large and sumptu­ously decorative Village De Bievres and Campagne de Villepreux au Prin­temps both feature lush and lavish greenery plus village view. Grigory Gluckmann’s Renoiresque Model Pos­ing is featured along with Marie Lau­rencin’s Two Girls in her typically delicate style. George Grosz features an ebullient composition reminiscent of an early Matisse while Millard Sheets shows a varied selection of large watercolors of which Changing Light has an oriental flair while Mys­terious Island is more abstract and colorfully intense. Dan Lutz’s Trees On The Ridge has a rugged sweeping movement and along with that his Mexican Farm Houses captures the feeling of the Mexican landscape. Michael Frary’s Autumn Wind is scenic and woodsy while Jun Do­bashi’s Ile de la Cite and L’Isle both have a Klee feeling in their fantasy of design. Dufy shows two of his typically pictorial scenes in suffused shades of green and blue. Two styles of floral painting are represented by Pauline Polk’s Garden Glory, featuring a jaunty collection of buds and blooms along with Erich Heckel’s more dramatically selective Lotos in Schnazen Topf. John Tunnard’s style borrows somewhat from Miró which gives his realism a compositional rhythm and tautness of design. Richard Haines’ Eclipse in a romantic vein features two female figures on a balcony observing that infrequent phenomenon. Lyonel Feininger’s small and animated Die Brucke completes the exhibition.

––Estelle Kurzen