• Irma Cavat

    Santa Barbara Museum of Art

    A Street in Athens is a brilliant urgent series of scenes by Irma Cavat at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Cavat’s street in Athens concepts were born when she lived there on a recent sabbatical from UCSB, where she is an Assistant Professor of Art. She became fascinated with this colorful area where transients visited and prostitutes worked, people with no homes, families or roots, searching for meaning in their detached lives.

    Feminine in her selectivity and sensuous use of paint and color she has used acrylic paint but also additional media, such as collaged sheets, draperies and shutters,

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  • Howard Fenton and Michael Arntz

    Esther Bear Gallery

    The work of Howard Fenton and Michael Arntz is combined in an indoor/outdoor show at the Esther Bear Gallery. These two UCSB artist-teachers work in entirely different media and highly individual forms and images. Fenton exhibits paintings and drawings, Arntz displays large ceramic sculptures.

    Fenton refers to himself as an “Orientalized Westerner.” The term is apt; in these new paintings and drawings he has conceived oriental symbols that have the excitement of Western movement, color and space relationships with the under-stated oriental selectivity.

    Fenton spent 1957 in Japan (on a sabbatical

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