Los Angeles

William Minschew

Comara Gallery

At the Comara Gallery, a tribute to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is the theme of William Minschew’s exhibition of new forms. Mr. Minschew is in fact the first artist-in-residence at N.A.S.A., and this show represents the beginning of his experimentation with an entirely new medium, vacuum-formed plastics. In his attempt to present the viewer with his impressions of environmental forms to come, Minschew has chosen not only a new medium but a totally new type of subject-matter as well. The exhibition is accompanied by telemetry sounds recorded at Goddard Space Center, and these in themselves are a unique and delightful revelation. If, as Aldous Huxley pointed out, the artist of the future is to become part scientist as well, the whole concept of art may be greatly enlarged by this type of exploration in what appears to us now perhaps as a totally unrelated field.

Estelle Kurzen