Los Angeles

Peter Shoemaker and George Viacrucis

Adele Bednarz

Showing at Adele Bednarz are Peter Shoemaker and George Viacrucis. For the collector who has everything, Viacrucis exhibits a form of pictorial upholstery employing oil painted vinyl which take their titles as well as titillations from the Dr. Seuss mystique. Colorfully zany forms are neatly sewn together, padded in places, and often protrude balloonlike from the picture’s surface in a jig-saw of animation that out-pops the weasel.

Shoemaker shows oils and collages. His large opaquely painted canvas, Two Pairs, achieves a dreamy effect; however, many of the large canvases strain toward a monumental concept that is largely unrealized. Areas of the canvas remain barren and reflect the artist’s inability to fulfill his grandiose commitment. Of the smaller works, Exit, which is part collage, is more intense and concentrated and has a strongly oriental flavor.

Estelle Kurzen