• 85th Annual of the San Francisco Art Institute

    San Francisco Museum of Art

    There were 180 pieces of painting, sculpture and assorted media in The 85th Annual of the San Francisco Art Institute at the San Francisco Museum. Michel Tapies, the French collector and critic, was invited to jury this year’s show. Tapies is perhaps best known as the man who organized the Parisian exhibition of the American Abstract Expressionist painters which is said to have been the first time that Europeans had really given American art their respectful attention. Though the Annual is open to entrants from the whole United States it is generally expected to be an index of Bay Area tendencies,

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  • Louis Gutierrez

    Arleigh Gallery

    At the Arleigh Gallery is an exhibition of paintings by Louis Gutierrez, heretofore known for his work with collage. His collages were first quite loose though structured, and were textured by the appearance of wear and age, an accidental quality. Gradually Gutierrez’s collages tightened and grew more rigidly geometrical, and the surfaces became more finished, still textured but more like a patina. It might have seemed to many that he was progressing in the direction of the centralized flat field of color sort of painting which has become so popular. But when he decided to go over to paint he

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  • Nell Sinton

    Quay Gallery

    Nell Sinton has long been known as a painter. She is now exhibiting collages at the Quay Gallery. She has been making these small collages for years, just as a painter does drawings or engravings. It is a second medium which presents the artist with an area of experiment which may lead to major work, but which has a life of its own. Her collages are dictated by the nature of found objects which impose themselves on the artist in a very experimental way. They are trash and scraps, relics of lives lived in the presence of them. There are no objects there that have had only a short, snappy relationship

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