Los Angeles

Thomas Bang

Esther-Robles Gallery

At Esther-Robles another artist determined to have the high fashion world of art in stitches this season is Thomas Bang, whose basic blacks are dramatically trimmed with hoopy loops of wild color that stitch their way through the canvas in a pizzazz of rope-work that’s really feely if you’re with it. His ultra-contemporary table, Green You-Know-What Table, spouts a series of ominous looking knobs, and here and there squirts tangles of multi-colored rope in a combustion of nonsense that explodes “not with a bang but a whimper.” Showing along with him, Homer Weiner turns to the early days of the silent screen for his campy subject matter. His “stills” offer an apprehensive clinch, Beware Of Rod La Rocque, a vamp, Olympiola, and the one and only Chaplin, Charlie Lights. Bride II and Bride III are very prettily painted indeed and appear in typical and traditional Sunday roto-gravure style. (Mysteriously unmentioned is Bride Number One leaving the viewer to his own speculations as these pictures of pictures, whoever they are, flicker and fade into the Hollywood night.)

Estelle Kurzen