Los Angeles

David Glines, Les Biller, Ray Brown

Ceeje Gallery

Three local artists join in displaying new etchings and lithographs. David Glines’s black and white landscapes have vitality and feeling, but it is his large portrait of Faulkner which dominates his showing. Adhering closely to the character and likeness of the author, he displays an admirable gift for portraiture. Les Biller’s affectation of an Oriental style is glibly superficial. His most ambitious work, Fan in a Mountain Stream, is an involved medley of colors and lines that is “much ado about nothing.” With alienation as his theme, Ray Brown’s portraits confront the viewer through an intricately drawn webbing of barbed wire. In giving expression and personality to his character studies, Brown uses Surrealistic devices which, if somewhat outworn, help to relieve the monotony of his theme and variations.

Estelle Kurzen