• “Drawings in Series”

    East Hampton Gallery

    At the East Hampton Gallery, a refreshingly varied selection of “Drawings in Series” by seven accomplished draftsmen will be shown this month. The group features Isaac Abrams’s and A. Sklar-Weinstein’s “visionary” and more subjective interior “landscapes”; Lenore Laine’s optical patterns; Nelson Howe’s densely textured studies, along with Sonia Gechtoft’s and T. G. Haupt’s energetic, yet orderly abstractions. They are all of consistent quality, and there is no amateurish note in this show.

    A certain ingenuous awkwardness in Sacha Kolin’s white pastel silhouettes is balanced by the gentle precision

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  • Jim Dine

    MoMA - The Museum of Modern Art

    Twenty-seven of Jim Dine’s delightfully “mod” costume designs for A Midsummer Night’s Dream have been on view at the Museum of Modern Art this month. The drawings are wittily labeled, and emphasize the bawdy, improvisational aspects of Shakespeare’s play as it was produced by the San Francisco Actor’s Workshop in 1966, for which the designs were created. (See Artforum, May 1966.)

    Dine’s sketches aptly echo the bold, anti-traditional and contemporary style of the production in their use of simulated textured fabrics (naugahyde, vinyl, army camouflage, fake fur, etc.) or in the superlatively obvious

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  • “Contrasts”

    Marlborough-Gerson Gallery

    The summer “Contrasts” show at Marlborough-Gerson was an end-of-the-season potpourri ranging from early Lipchitz and dull Henry Moore bronzes to some fine recent Motherwell collages and new Lee Krasner (Pollock) oils, with random samplings from the gallery’s international roster. Granted, it would be difficult to make a coherent statement about as diverse a group of artists as Marlborough represents, but the distinct feeling was that many of the pieces were leftovers, pulled out of the gallery deepfreeze and arranged to fill up the endless rooms available for use. Consequently, the “contrasts”

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