• Frank Stella

    Gemini G.E.L.

    Eleven editions of lithographs by Frank Stella have been completed at Gemini G.E.L. Nine of the editions form a suite entitled Black Series I. Each is 15 1/16 x 22”. They are geometric striped patterns. The respective solution which each print proposes relative to the other eight presents an almost infinite range of possibilities. Their combined interdependence distinguishes them immediately from the 1959 black stripe paintings: conceived sequentially they take on the individual character of totemic images. They were drawn with lithographic pencil on aluminum plates; the white line is created

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  • Allan Kaprow

    Pasadena Museum of California Art (PMCA)

    The Pasadena Art Museum’s exhibition of work by Allan Kaprow from 1953 to ’63 will probably not be recalled by many as an especially spirited or provocative event. That it fails to generate lively curiosity, if not among local artists and amateurs at least for the larger public, has greater significance in this instance than it might ordinarily. Of all manners of artists, Kaprow is one whose presence alone should elicit immediate general interest. This, at any rate, might well be expected in the light of his style and reputation. The pervading apathy which attends the presentation is certainly

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  • Joe Goode and Ron Davis

    Nicholas Wilder Gallery

    Drawings by Joe Goode and Ron Davis are on display at Nicholas Wilder. It is an oddly suitable juxtaposition. The Goodes are arranged in procession along two sides of the gallery, and the Davises similarly on the facing walls. It is peaceful and serious but certainly not deadpan.

    Goode’s ten pencil drawings elicit a special elevated kind of response, rather a whole absorbing frame of mind. They are of white pillows and sheets, and sometimes edges of mattresses. The tonality ranges from grey near-whites all over to some with heavily darkened places. Their quality of perfect airy lightness has to

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