New York

Richard Randell

Royal Marks Gallery

Having been interested in Richard Randell’s earlier Klapper pieces which I greeted enthusiastically (Artforum, February 1967), I was curious to see in which way these pleated, concertina-like structures would move. While the Klapper motif is still evident in Randell’s new sculpture of brightly colored fiberglass epoxy, his up-to-date pieces appear merely funny and ribbon-candylike in an all too pat mini-pop mode. Brightly colored ups-n’-downs pleasantly investigate space—sometimes with a touch of stringent theory to them, such as when Randell combines sequences of similar units. The new Meanders ostensibly attach to or relate to large cubes and rectangular solids decorated with huge circles like a child’s ball. I studied one Meander with the rectangle and, on the dealer’s promptings, without it. Without is better.

Robert Pincus-Witten