San Francisco

Robert S. Neuman

Wallis Gallery

Opening at the Wallis Gallery as this goes to press was the first West Coast exhibition since 1954 of work by the Harvard-based Robert S. Neuman. Mr. Neuman’s paintings in oil on linen of four and five years ago present a survival of Abstract Expressionism, intellectualized, tempered and suffused with a mellow, no-doubt Harvard bred, academicism; some more recent mixed media drawings (1966–67) have, however, engaging vitality. Crisply stated geometric shapes and astringent linearities are skillfully manipulated in two series entitled, respectively, Mirage Studies and Voyage Drawings. In these essays in graphic abstraction one finds conspicuous and no doubt intentional stylistic references to European antecedents—chiefly Klee and Miró.

Palmer D. French