• San Francisco

    A frolicsome, sprawling twenty-three year survey of the arts in San Francisco was unveiled in twenty-three locations in the Bay City last June. Evidences of the event were in virtually every neighborhood in San Francisco and included a gang-bang poetry reading at the Nourse Auditorium which recreated in kind if not content the non-stop rapping heard in similar locations ten, twelve, fifteen years ago. The names were the same: Robert Duncan, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Ginsberg, Michael McClure, David Meltzer, Lew Welch, Philip Whalen and many others. Seeing the poets, listening to their litany,

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  • San Francisco’s Summer Season

    Drawings from various eras provided the dominant theme of featured museum exhibitions throughout the San Francisco Bay Area during the summer season, with the California Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco and the University of California’s Berkeley campus concurrently vying for the spotlight in presenting extensive major exhibitions of Old Master Drawings, while the summer schedule at the San Francisco Museum of Art seemed to follow suit in a preponderance of shows dealing with modern graphic techniques, as well as with contemporary extensions and revivals of historic master

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