• Eleanor Dube, Christine Ramberg, Roger Brown and Phil Hanson

    Hyde Park Art Center

    The Hyde Park Art Center continues to exhibit work by outstanding local artists, more often than not presenting them in their first major showing. In this context was the “False Image” show in November which included Eleanor Dube, Christine Ramberg, Roger Brown and Phil Hanson. The name under which the group exhibited came close to reflecting the underlying theme of their highly subjective, introspective and often subtle and understated works. Most of the paintings were less than one foot in height or width, and there were over 80 pieces by the four artists.

    The idea of the movie house, or perhaps

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  • David Smyth

    Allan Frumkin Gallery

    David Smyth’s paintings at the Allan Frumkin Gallery took as their point of departure structures such as girders, walls, smokestacks, elevator machinery, glimpses of pipes, tubes, tanks of factories—material which is familiar and almost commonplace. Such material itself contributed little and it was Smyth’s achievement to make it visually significant, which he succeeded in doing often if not always. His drawing of these forms is simplified (the precise black outline for each form seems to be well suited to his needs); color is limited and cast shadow is used with discretion (the color of the

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  • Christo

    Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (MCA Chicago)

    During part of January and February, a period when the weather seemed to call for it, Christo wrapped the Museum of Contemporary Art—a “Wrap in Wrap Out.” Aside from the fact that it made the rather nondescript building more interesting, visually, it was an obvious challenge to the concept of a museum or of it to a work of art in the conventional sense (a position which Jan van der Marck, the museum’s director has done much to enunciate). One is tempted to suggest that certain paintings and sculptures would be improved by concealing them underneath a wrapping.

    Wrapped packages, in art or otherwise,

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