• Patrick Tidd and Paul Pernish

    Berkeley Rotary Art and Garden Center

    Patrick Tidd and Paul Pernish, exhibiting jointly at the Berkeley Rotary Art and Garden Center in Berkeley, provided the Bay Area with one of the better shows of what has proved to be a dull midwinter season. In continuing to explore the directions he established last year in his “Game Paintings” and in his muralesque treatment of subject matter relating to astronomy, astronomical observatories, and optical instruments, Tidd has consolidated thematic and syntactical ideas from these two earlier series in a new group of untitled paintings in acrylic, in which allusions to the appearance of

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  • David Teachout and David Simpson

    Galeria Carl Van Der Voort

    Continuing its interest in representing artists with a preoccupation with rigid geometry and schematism the Galeria Carl Van Der Voort recently exhibited consecutively, first a series of eight “target” paintings by David Teachout and then a series of schematic canvases by David Simpson. The “targets” by Teachout consisted of large canvases, each essaying a target-like pattern of concentric rings of color. The colors employed in the concentric bands were so plotted optically in relation to each other and to the field that they gave the illusion of being suspended in front of the canvas at different

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  • Masando Kito

    Triangle Gallery

    Pursuing hard-edge colorism to more rewarding depth and effect is Masando Kito at the Triangle Gallery, newly relocated off Union Square on Post Street. Kito essays untitled abstractions exploring the interactions of areas of bright primary colors with sparsely placed accents of black and white. Color masses are planned to work dynamically in terms of space illusion; shapes are imaginative but uncomplicated. The currently exhibited works represent for Kito the culmination of two years of exploring this idiom and present a startling advance over the works he exhibited last year after having but

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  • Robert Arneson, David Williams, and Werner Jespen

    Albreaux Gallery and Hansen Gallery

    The Albreaux Gallery recently opened at the Cannery with a group show largely devoted to funk art and, in the main, pieces previously exhibited by artists associated with the regular stables of other galleries. Setting the tone of the show was one of the ceramic toilets executed half a decade ago by Robert Arneson who, as a painter and graphicist rather than as a ceramicist, just opened an extensive exhibition of recent work at the Hansen Gallery.

    The Hansen show finds humor and sophisticatedly flamboyant satire continuing to form the basic mood of Arneson’s work. A large series of canvases are

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