• Stephan Von Huene

    Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

    Stephan Von Huene’s exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum consists of four pieces placed in one corner of the Museum’s recently reinstalled Contemporary Art section, which now occupies most of the Museum’s top floor. At the time of writing, however, only two pieces were in place, Kaleidophonic Dog and Rosebud Annunciator. These two, plus Washboard Band and The Tap Dancer comprised the show.

    Since the mid-sixties, Von Huene has been experimenting with music and musical systems which have, in his present exhibition, been built into his sculpture at the expense of “unique” form. All the objects

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  • Doug Edge

    Riko Mizuno Gallery

    Doug Edge’s objects are crafted slowly and make their public appearance equally slowly. This exhibition, the artist’s first show in some time, is sparsely populated, comprising only five objects and Edge’s photograph Self-Portrait of a Shave and a Haircut which, through the medium of a “4 poses, 25c” photo machine, documents his eight step transformation from long hair and beard to baldness rivalling a peeled egg.

    The five objects themselves are agglomerations of Edge’s life experiences transferred to plastic. The smallest piece in the exhibition, a “Tru-temper” hammer reconstructed in plastic,

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