San Francisco

Barbara Rogers

Michael Walls Gallery

In a stunning show of large canvass at the Michael Walls Gallery, Barbara Rogers conjures humor fully conceived bucolic fantasies in which voluptuous nude women, often with permanent wave coiffures, are depicted variously in attitudes of languorous luxuriation or of exuberant frolic, in settings of dense tropical foliage, and with exotic birds of brilliant plumage perched on their heads or alighting on their upturned palms. In some of these canvases this theme is treated in a manner unambiguously alluding to the whimsical and richly elaborated jungle fantasies of Henri Rousseau, while in others, by contrast, the handling suggests those diffusing-lens pastoral pastiches of autumnal foliage germane to the idyllic idiom of magazine advertisement color photography.

In a fe of these pictures animal-headed human figures that characterized Miss Rogers’ earlier work are introduced (in a manner almost camouflaged by background detail) as fairy-like creatures, diminutive, diaphanous and sometimes butterfly-winged. Miss Rogers composes these extravaganzas directly onto the canvas with airbrush and liquitex.

Palmer D. French