San Francisco

Alexander Nepote

Quay Gallery

At the Quay Gallery, Alexander Nepote exhibited collage paintings executed in acrylics and paper on masonite board in a method and style strongly recalling the collage technique of Don Reich. Nepote’s recent work competently essays a familiar idiom of lithoid, organic free-form composition to which his chosen medium is uniquely suited—the torn edges and flattened crinkles of stiffened paper being readily adaptable to suggesting the ridges and corrugations of natural rock surfaces. In a prolific series embracing such titles as Mossy Rocky Niche, Rocky Slope, Lost Rock, Under the Cliff, Another Lump Rock, Green Abyss and Upper Grotto, to name but a few, Nepote conjures rewarding mineral fantasies evoking many moods in freely combining a wide range of the textures and forms associated with stone.

Palmer D. French