• Salon 70

    Ward-Nasse Gallery

    Salon 70 is an exhibition of fifty painters and sculptors, most of whom live and work in and around Boston. The majority are also relatively young (late 20s, early 30s) and unknown outside the immediate area. Each artist is represented by four works, which, given the restricted space of the gallery, means that the pieces are generally small and are literally stacked from floor to ceiling. Hence, the idea of a Salon.

    The exhibition itself is a kind of bizarre phenomenon, a mélange of things funky, Surrealist, Minimal, Pop, social, figurative, and so forth. If the show is any indication, and I tend

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  • Richard Pousette-Dart

    Obelisk Gallery

    POUSETTE-DART, of course, has been at it for a long time. His show at Obelisk, one of the more ambitious galleries on Newbury Street, includes work from the past six or seven years as well as a couple of very recent paintings. All of the pieces exhibitthe artist’s typically rich color-andlight surface, one that I occasionally find physically aggressive and even forbidding. The same is true, I think, of the imagery, which generally consists of single bursts of light that vaporize into their surrounding fields. Frequently, for instance in Night Presence . . . Radiance, Burning III, the burst seems

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