Los Angeles

Donald Eddy

Molly Barnes

Donald Eddy is a figurative painter, a “new realist” who airbrushes his paintings. For the past several years Eddy has been living in Hawaii, and this exhibition deals with the old people, retired or on vacation, who frequent the islands. Like the work of Joseph Raffael of a few years ago, Eddy isolates his forms and figures against a white grounds, although Eddy’s paintings deal with only one object and are not juxtapositions of disparate forms. The old people serve as foils for the objects within their environments, although these objects (picnic tables, park benches, automobiles) would seem to interest Eddy more than the people. A park bench appears in several paintings. In one, a fat old woman, replete with one piece bathing suit, rubber bathing cap and warts, is seen from the back of the bench, sitting stolidly, caged in and supported by the orderly linear forms of the bench. In another work, the bench alone is seen and the precise horizontal bars with narrow white spaces between them suddenly become purely surface structure. A flight bag, dropped under the bench, acts to re-establish the third dimensional ambience however.

Thomas H. Garver