New York

Group Show

Rykert Gallery

The Bykert Gallery opened its season with a small solid Group Show that introduced a few young artists, the most interesting of whom seem to be Joe Zucker and Cecile Abish.

Zucker offered a single set of ten vertical panels covered over with a colorful figurative mosaic of cotton balls dipped in acrylic and patterned into strong and sharded still lifes. Atomized, the individual plasticity and intense hues of the soft tesserae strain against the figurations while hinting through their placement at outlines and contrasts. The effect is one of vibrant color joy and energetic craftsmanship.

Abish’s three-part sculpture filled out an entire 20 by 20-foot room for which it was specifically constructed. This corner-to-corner confinement actually eliminates any other enclosure. The middle and main piece is a long folding zigzag of galvanized wire cloth in soft urethane foam and stapled vinyl. The two side pieces were molded in chemical urethane foam which was cured for about twenty minutes until rigid. These lateral splotches mellow the hard angles of the splayed out central piece whose angles usurp space and work it into its structure. The entire triptych can only exist on display; once dismantled and folded it ceases to exist. The basic module encompasses the self-supporting form within a spatially flexible system, and the splaying fuses the internal and the external as properties of the same system.

Joachim Neugroschel