New York

Kenneth Snelson

John Weber Gallery

I’ve never been very excited about Kenneth Snelson’s work, and I am not persuaded by his new work at Weber. The surprise of this show is that Snelson is now making objects out of nylon rope and aluminum or bamboo rods and that they hang on or lean against the wall instead of standing free in space. Again these structures are held together by the tension on the nylon cords threaded through. The basic structure is a square or rectangle and the variety among works is mostly in the way they are threaded. The one piece that really interested me is a large aluminum one in which the cord is threaded to suggest a spatial recession from bottom to top within the construction. Through that illusion the cords became associated with drawn line, but that association doesn’t resonate in most of the other works. Some of the pieces looked disturbingly reminiscent of Stella’s black paintings.

Kenneth Baker