New York

Ira Joel Haber

Fischbach Downtown

Ira Joel Haber’s small, self-contained constructions create a strange and private world. The major part of the show consists of boxes at eye level containing buildings made of miniature clay bricks. These structures are behind glass and in front of pictures of landscape or sky which present a mood in keeping with the character of each building. Other boxes are more complex, with plastic houses and full landscape vistas including both real and pictured rocks and grass. Another series in the show is a group of floor pieces, unboxed landscape constructions with charred factory buildings and a few sparse landscape elements like rocks and trees. Some of these pieces convey a quality of perversity, particularly where Haber has pockmarked houses and scarred the ground. These floor pieces, incorporating elements which might have come from a Lionel train set, sometimes seem overillustrative. In contrast, the boxes at eye level suggest rather than describe landscapes. While undefinable as site, they are rich in mood. The abstractness of the buildings allows them to hover between the real and the imaginary.

Lizzie Borden