New York

Vincent Inconiglios

West Broadway Gallery

Two of the six paintings shown by Vincent Inconiglios at West Broadway looked like paintings of Carl Andre’s metal plates. The depicted metal plates have the same scrubbed, spill-stained, and generally roughed-up look as Andre’s plates. In the larger painting, the whole is formed of 18 2’-square panels, each of which is quartered by depiction so that the module appears to be a one foot square. lnconiglios’ other paintings are also grid structured, two in windowlike configurations and two others in irregular diagonal grids. The grids, in the latter case, are formed by painting or rubbing graphite over masking tape which is then removed; in both of the diagonal grid paintings, the existence of the grid by means of removal and the breakdown of the regularity of the grid seem to be lnconiglios’ interests, but it is difficult to tell much about his interests from this show as the work in it seems scattered and without focus. The paintings appear to be experiments in a personal sense; that is, lnconiglios seems to be trying to figure out what to do within the conventions of formalist painting, and trying to figure out as well what his interests are.

Bruce Boice