New York

Edward Avedisian

Robert Elkon Gallery

Not too long ago, to talk about painting was to talk about the great issues of painting, and then, there may have been something to those great issues, but if so, there doesn’t seem to be much to them now. Generally, to speak of the great issues now seems not so much a lapsing into poetry as into metaphysics. The point is not to wage a monthly assault on formalist painting, for the assaults were made quite some time ago, but remarkably, formalist paintings continue to be churned out, which is admirable if you look at it one way, and ridiculous looking at it another way. Edward Avedisian’s paintings at Elkon repeat the demonstration of formalist paintings’ problems, which is essentially that there aren’t any. Avedisian’s paintings are acrylic patches, dabs, blobs, and Pollockish drips on small (small in terms of how gigantic paintings usually are these days) wood panels bright fresh colors. However, there is simply nothing else to say about them. What I want to scream is not “isn’t anyone out there listening?” but “isn’t anyone out there thinking?” Anyway, Avedisian’s paintings look very nice, and if that’s a virtue, then his paintings are virtuous. Their non-gigantic size is something of a relief.

––Bruce Boice