New York

Willard Midgette

Frumkin Gallery

The cool detachment of Bruder’s approach is similar to that of Willard Midgette. Midgette is quite specific about his subject matter, however; in Choreography: The Paul Taylor Company, for example, he intends each head to be a likeness and renders each environmental detail as exactly as possible. The endeavor eliminates all significant traces of the artist’s sensibility normally discernible in color and touch. Neither has any independent existence in his work. They are completely subjugated to the illusionistic rendition of his subject. The ingenuousness of Midgette’s approach, like that of an old-fashioned diorama painter, shows such earnestness that one is almost embarrassed in front of the work, or rather, inside the work, which is actually executed on life-size canvases hinged to form a continuous encircling environment.

––April Kingsley