New York

Jacqueline Gourevitch

Tibor de Nagy Gallery

Artists who insistently overload their work with futile emotionalism and vague symbolic imagery present harriers that obstruct one’s view. Jacqueline Gourevitch is presently showing paintings from her Cloud and After Image series, as well as some lithographs she executed while artist-in-residence at Tamarind this last spring. The earlier cloud paintings are an amalgamation of various cloud formations, and as she puts it “an inventory of cloud possibilities.”

We get some rudimentary information from Gourevitch’s titles. An afterimage is an engrained sense impression that persists after a visual stimulus is withdrawn. In this case, it seems that Gourevitch is trying to depict the afterimage we sense shortly after seeing the sun. We can still see the columns, the cloud formations clearly, and for an instant we are left with vague fragmentary images burned onto our retina. But we are not given enough information—especially abstract information—to make further conjecture rewarding. We easily grow weary of seeing themes and variations on mundane subjects.

Francis Naumann