New York

Alan Finkel

59 Wooster Street (Rented Space)

Alan Finkel makes sculpture influenced by Andre—in its use of modular, readymade components—and LeWitt, whose development of a nonrepetitive, systematic proliferation based on a grid seems basic to this work. At this time Finkel’s seems to be an art of small adjustments to the idiomatic usages identified with these two, slightly older artists. At the moment, too, he seems to have difficulty with the introduction of intuitive decision-making into a structure that’s systematic in derivation. But it’s interesting that that’s what he’s trying to do. I think of Finkel as a sculptor who, like John Reineking, is attempting to develop a degree of intuitive freedom within a sculptural language that’s only recently achieved a zero degree of logicality. Entropy, as it were, works both ways between the impersonal and the personal.

Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe