New York

Moshe Kupferman

Rina Gallery

Moshe Kupferman, an Israeli painter, has had his first one-man exhibition in New York. His abstraction is fairly up-to-date, combining ’50s expressionism and ’60s geometry with a measure of European tachism. His small canvases have two basic formulas: a large dark grid is obliterated by a layer of lavender gray scumblings or this top layer is scratched through with a loose, finer grid configuration to reveal different colors underneath. For the most part the work suggests an amalgam of Twombly, Guston, and Martin, combined in a peculiar layering of space (over, under, behind and through) which looks like some kind of weather. This softness and a latently pastel palette make the vigor and anguish of Kupferman’s drawing look rather inappropriate.

Roberta Smith