New York

Gary Hill

South Houston Gallery

Gary Hill’s wire constructions come in two sorts. The floor pieces look like they’re based on the work of Anthony Caro. One of these was accompanied by a small split screen, showing two—simultaneously projected—details of wire surfaces. This piece was also accompanied by a sound recording, of wire being vibrated or shaken or possibly raked with a tuning fork. The wall pieces, which are more open and also more regular in their construction, more resemble Don Judd’s work. All the work is made out of strands of thick wire, welded together at the ends—where the plane changes—and must have been endless and even tiresome to build. I am reluctant to say much about any of it. To me, Hill’s work is so lacking in critical poise with regard to his influences, that he’s given us no more than commodity objects which borrow the look of other art—which speaks for itself.

Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe