New York

Eunice Golden

Eunice Golden paints the figure, both on canvas and literally. She juggles her depiction of the “male landscape” through three media: scumbled paintings of schematized penises like emblems on a dot-and-dash grid, photoworks of nude men and women sprawled on a beach like so much driftwood, and films about the adornment of genitalia. In the 1973 films, Blue Bananas and Other Meats and Face of Landscape, Golden most particularizes her content. Blue Bananas is a role reversal on the nude woman as entreé at Surrealist banquets. It records the decoration of a penis and crotch first with vegetables, as a salad, and then with fruits, as a sundae. The heads of Golden’s actors are cropped out in Face of Landscape, as they are in her photoworks. Golden seeks to pictorialize their bodies in terms of their genitalia, and she indicates the penises and a lone vagina with painted stripes. The camera pans the bodies on beach sand and rocks, finding the stripes, residue trinkets of pebbles and sand, and other painterly incident as it happens. The sound track of both films includes electronic and classical music and tribal drum chants that drove home trite universalist points about Golden’s enterprise.

Alan Moore