New York

Andrew Ginzel

Andrew Ginzel (selected for Artists Space by Red Grooms) also alludes to the broad tradition of Dada collage. He uses images of men in bowler hats, gravu red machine parts, and schematic heads like phrenologist's diagrams in his constructions. These elements are held in suspension by bits of string, and mounted so that they stick up from chunks of wooden logs. These little heraldic arrangements look like models for pageant decor.

I don't like the idea that you should be careful to make historical allusions if you're not going to title your sculpture. Ginzel's vocabulary of images is wider when he's got a plot for his collages, that is, when he joins them with typewritten texts to tell a story. There are three books here with pages mounted separately for show. “Quest to Nekhos” by Strip Osteel is an autobiography as it were of, yep, a thin strip of steel which Ginzel features in the various collages that make up the book. In each the strip is periled by othertiny inanimate things. Blind Venetian is a group of wooden slats hung in a window. A line of text is pasted on the edge of each slat so that you follow the action in the collages on top as you read along the text. Ginzel's prose style is TV show cute:

After a long torrential caste storm decay set in. Fleeing, hordes of rebel Nehchers [tiny twigs] in their new restrictive Rephorm clothes and following their leader Midamerecoa enter suburban Eideil over Nehcher rubble taking the antidote Aphluense from those left behind.

But the writing suits the collages.

Alan Moore