New Jersey

Cecile Abish, Alice Aycock and Rita Myers

Douglass College Art Gallery

As a footnote: it seems ironic that there is on the nearby Douglass campus of Rutgers an outdoor piece which is not, however, included in the show. A long trench dug by Cecile Abish; the excavated dirt crossing it in inverse relation. And whatever other reservations I may have about their work, inside the Douglass art gallery Alice Aycock and Rita Myers show pieces that are more a response to their particular environment than anything in the Rutgers exhibit—except perhaps for Hans Haacke’s Condensation Piece. Aycock’s installation is in a small closed room. When one opens the door, one is excluded from the space by the intensity of the movie light which projects, forces, one out. Myers’s video image focuses on the objects and setting of the room it is situated in, while the sound track fabricates an autobiographical story about the piece: the dust that is accumulating, the anonymous people who have been there and gone, its past and its future.

Susan Heinemann