• Catherine Wagner

    Simon Lowinsky Gallery

    Working in deserted industrial districts and suburban construction sites, Catherine Wagner photographs evocative but anonymous subject matter. Distinct from Lewis Baltz, who initially popularized this genre by translating industrial parks into photographic Minimalism, Wagner does not confine herself to either one specific subject or approach. Instead, she displays a photographic eclecticism which fuses mundane imagery with a variety of stylistic concerns more commonly associated with painting.

    By using light in a descriptively illusionistic fashion, Wagner transforms banal content into ethereal

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  • Harry Bowers

    Hansen Fuller Gallery

    Harry Bowers’ photographs manifest the ambience and premeditated naiveté of much northern California art. Two years ago—in his first solo exhibition—he showed his “Summer Icons” series, dye transfer images that used lush, expressionistic color to describe the languidly sensual beach culture. His most recent works are monumental, 30-by-40-inch type C photographs that combine decorative aura with autobiographical sensibility.

    Bowers’ pictures are tableaus of clothes—silk pajamas, print dresses, and velvet coats which anthropomorphize into a pas de deux featuring himself and his wife, Jane. The

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  • Ant Farm

    Ant Farm, a San Francisco-based collective, has produced several works, featuring that American culture icon—the automobile. In 1974 Ant Farm created the Cadillac Ranch, 10 vintage Cadillacs (1948–1962) planted nose down alongside Route 66 in Amarillo, Texas. A less sedate project, Media Burn, consisted of a specially revamped Cadillac crashing through a barricade of burning television sets in the parking lot of San Francisco’s Cow Palace in 1975. Ant Farm has lovingly documented its own projects as well as the heyday of the automotive industry in Automerica, “a trip down U.S. Highways from

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  • Randy And Baranicci

    La Mamelle

    In contrast to The Remake, Randy And Baranicci’s enactment of As the World Burns is a tedious and cliché-ridden performance which offers little humor and even less insight (satiric or intellectual). Described as a drama in real time, these two Toronto-based artists have traveled throughout North America collaborating and extending their performance with the help of other artists.

    The stage is set to resemble an apartment with the addition of three video monitors and a live cameraman who focuses on specific details during the performance. The action begins with the cameraman burning a globe, and

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