• Kit Schwartz

    Marianne Deson Gallery

    Kit Schwartz makes installations based on the 150 or so interviews she has conducted in the last five years with artists and “art-related people” as a part of an ongoing Semiotic Representation of Art During the Seventies. Her current work is based on Personality Profile Question number six, “Describe yourself as a person,” which is prepared for in her interview by preliminary questions about the highlights in one’s life, and one’s happiest and saddest moments. In the gallery, her transcript books are on four music stands, chairs are provided in which the “observer” can sit and read, and stereo

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  • Gary Rieveschl

    Art in Public Places

    The Chicago Papers is a recently exhibited collection of documentation for a 1976 project called Spiration—222 marigolds in an Archimedian spiral ending with an arrow pointing the direction the earth rotates—which Gary Rieveschl planted in Grant Park, one of a variety of “lifeform projects” he has created in the Middle West and Europe. The idea of this planting had been to introduce the concept and reality of nature and natural rhythms to a city which he sees as dominated by a concrete façade—in both visual and behavioral terms. Ironically, however, the flowers which Rieveschl had intended as

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