• Richard Shaw

    Braunstein/Quay Gallery

    In Richard Shaw’s porcelain works, found objects are cast into flat tableaux, still-life arrangements, and free-standing figurative sculpture. Shaw has perfected porcelain casting and overglaze photo decal transfer with the capacity to replicate playing cards, tin cans, scraps of letters, old books with marbleized covers and pictographic imagery with extreme veracity. While many ceramists seem content to operate solely within the boundaries of imitation, Shaw, particularly in his freestanding pieces, expands the realist genre, fabricating works that are lifelike in detail and gesture, but

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  • Lionell Gaze

    Lawson De Celle Gallery

    Through an eccentric disposition that has a cursory similarity to Richard Shaw, Lionell Gaze exploits both historical antecedent and mundane familiarities in his work. Glaze is an unconventional reductivist who extrapolates common forms and invests them with extended meanings. Last year he constructed a life-size wallboard model of Daumier’s jury box and had legislative journals delivered to the installation daily. His current work, titled Connotative Appendages, has baser origins, displaying consideration for both the salon tradition and circus milieu. Glaze shows 35 works in which an anatomical

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