Fritz Buehner

An exhibition long overdue in Boston, Six Sculptors reflected various modes of sculpture-making, running the gamut of current idioms from free-standing objects and wall reliefs to architectonic constructions and ephemeral installations.

Three of the artists are object-makers. FRITZ BUEHNER’s Nonce, a tightly coiled wooden helix, alternately revealed and concealed the logic of its making. One of a recent series, Nonce sat dense and solid when approached from either of its flat, layered sides. Walking its baseless perimeter, however, the viewer sees the webwork solid open up. On either flank, the geometry generates a spiral that fills the space even while describing its own outer boundaries. The piece is organically systemic. Once Buehner chose a nine-sided module as the matrix (hence its title) the structure followed a natural, predestined flow. The work stands comfortably poised in its human scale; the artist translates organic growth into traditional, static materials as straight becomes curved, solid merges with line, and volume compromises void.

Ronald J. Onorato