• Sam Gummelt

    Janie C. Lee Gallery

    SAM GUMMELT uses photographs of doors and windows as a point of departure for his large-scale, elegant paintings. He doesn’t paint from photographs, but is inspired by the overlay of colors on old wood and the proportions set up within enclosing rectangles of a door or window. Sometimes he scales his work exactly to the original doorway. The paintings consist of several stretched canvases put together, complete with strip molding. The back is almost as interesting as the front, where the stretchers are supported with a grid of subdivisions. Although the works are certainly to be experienced as

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  • Michael Tracy

    A Bon Chat/Bon Rat Gallery

    MICHAEL TRACY’s work is a combination of performance and powerful personal expression. One of his themes is martyrdom, by means of flaying, piercing or decay. Some of his paintings have heavy bronze spikes hammered through them, giving the surface a half-destroyed effect. There are also organic references: Tracy called a flap hanging in the center of one work a heart, and the canvas itself a skin.

    The show of the last ten years of his work divided into two parts. The downstairs was primarily dark, heavy painting and a stagelike setting devoted to the elaborate Sugar Sacrifice executed in Galveston

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