• “Material Pleasures”

    The Fabric Workshop at ICA

    The Fabric Workshop has, since it began two years ago, invited over forty artists from across the country to experiment with fabric silkscreening. Work produced during 17 of those residencies was the subject of ICA’s “Material Pleasures” exhibition. In many ways, the Fabric Workshop is set up along the utopian lines initiated by Ruskin and Morris during the arts and crafts movement of the late 19th century and, while it lacks the socialist fervor of that movement, it is similarly concerned with the elevation of taste in consumer commodities. As described in the “Material Pleasures” catalogue,

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  • “Summer at the Morris Gallery”

    The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Museum

    The five artists selected for the Academy’s neutrally titled “Summer at the Morris Gallery” exhibition have little more in common than the fact that they all, in one way or another, are exploring aspects of relief sculpture. Two, SID SACHS and BRUCE POLLOCK, ambled off the wall and down onto the floor with freestanding sculpture. WILLIAM WALTON and JOHN FERRIS appeared quite content to remain firmly on the wall. And MAURIE KERRIGAN clambered all over the place with an adventuresome sensibility that encompassed both three-dimensional and relief sculpture.

    Sid Sachs relies on a simple visual

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