• “La Mamelle Videozines”

    Video Free America

    The decade which gave us Betamax also saw the rise of the alternative art space and its logical extension, the video magazine. La Mamelle, a San Francisco space which has presented a generous quantity of nonstatic art events, has anthologized many of these in Videozine, not an ink-and-paper manifestation but a series of videotapes produced as multiples for sale and distribution, like any other intermittent periodical. Videozines Five and Six, shown at Video Free America, reflect in their difference two nonsequential chapters in the history of Bay Area performance art. Even the appearances, in

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  • Doug Hall

    SFAI Walter and McBean Galleries

    Doug Hall, who was once associated with Jody Proctor in the performance duo T.R. Uthco, has attempted an ambitious seven night, live, soap opera as part of the San Francisco Art Institute’s Annual. The Annual, which was first held in 1891, takes place at various locations this year, and Hall’s piece was performed at SITE, a San Francisco art space.

    The difficulty of performing a different activity for one hour on seven consecutive nights could only be surpassed by the difficulty of attending such an ongoing event. However, since the remains from Seven Chapters From the Life . . . (A Soap Opera)

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