• Henry Wessel, Jr.

    Fraenkel Gallery

    Henry Wessel, in this miniretrospective tracing his career from 1970 to 1980, shows himself to be a photographer who has formed a singular vision within a genre well honed by contemporary practitioners. In a direct manner, Wessel explores America’s prosaic yet surreal man-made landscapes: bizarrely shaped shrubbery, forlorn roadside motels, pastel colored stucco cottages and, most recently, Waikiki’s tourist milieu. It is subject matter that lends itself to satire or mockery, and can symbolize contemporary America at its most vacuous and banal. However, Wessel, who employs the type of vernacular,

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  • Roger Minick

    Grapestake Gallery

    The “Sightseer Series,” a collection of photographs taken on location in Yellowstone, Yosemite. Bryce Canyon and other western National Parks, is Roger Minick’s contribution to the iconography of tourism. Working predominantly, though not exclusively, in color, Minick has made portraits of individuals, groups and families perched on overlooks in front of the scenic wonders.

    Though Minick’s subjects, clad in the usual tourist garb, are ripe for satire, the photographer strives for and achieves an almost Sanderesque solemnity. His people project dignity; the humor results from pictorial counterpoint,

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